Possessing the right mix of knowledge, skills and ability to implement your IT project or manage your own network might seems like a easy thing to do, once you have consumed a couple of online tutorials. While that might be sufficient for a small scale home project, your customers want to know that their data is safe and that your system will be available for their use. Putting your critical business assets at risk is never a good business decision.

There are many components which should be taken into consideration in order to properly implement, manage and protect your systems, network, applications and data. Retroactively correcting a system which was incorrectly implemented can be expensive and time consuming.  This adds up to headaches for internal and external customers, resulting in wasted money and lost profits.

Depending on the scale of a project or the complexity of your environment it might require the skill set of  individuals with various degrees, several years of experience or even very specific training and certifications.

Encompass has successfully assisted companies and agencies of all sizes with their operational IT needs, assisting companies who have complex or on-going IT challenges and providing our expertise and services across all industries with all things cyber. 


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